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Jimin and RM reflect on BTS’ future and their place in the music world


With BTS on a break so members of the septet can focus on their solo careers, RM and Jimin opened up about what they hope to accomplish during the hiatus.

The two shared their thoughts in separate interviews with Weverse Magazine. Jimin said during his conversation that “it’s important to take a breather like this.”  

“I think now’s the time to step back and clear our heads to think about the direction we want to take as a group going forward,” he continued, adding this period will also be used as a time to reflect.

Jimin is excited about what’s to come, teasing, “I’m going to try to take on a lot of new things. That’s why I’m meeting with different producers: I feel like I should take this challenge on, the proper way.”

The singer teased his new solo projects will be “just a little more explicit.” He clarified, “I just think I can show something a little more raw about me. That might include a more mature side, too… Something that shows the things I usually think about a little more honestly?”

As for RM, he said during his interview he’s working on himself. “I need to try taking a step away from myself for a minute,” he admitted. “I’m worried if I’m just doing the things I’m given and if I’m losing myself in a way… I think I’ve hit a kind of wall.”

RM also shared his hopes for BTS, saying he wants the group “to move beyond astonishing people and think again about what kind of messages we can send people now.”

BTS’ break comes as their new album, Proof, debuts atop the Billboard 200. It sold 266,000 copies and was streamed 52.84 million times in its first week.

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