Joaquin Phoenix “panics” and leaves interview after this question about his role in the Joker movie.
This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from "Joker," in theaters on Oct. 4. Alarmed by violence depicted in a trailer for the upcoming movie “Joker,” some relatives of victims of the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting asked distributor Warner Bros. on Tuesday to commit to gun control causes. Twelve people were killed in the suburban Denver theater during a midnight showing of the Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” also distributed by Warner Bros. (Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Joaquin Phoenix “panics” and leaves interview after this question about his role in the Joker movie.

Just a movie… just entertainment or… is it too real and too inspiring?

The reviews of the Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, as Arthur Fleck a.k.a. the Joker, cover a range of thoughts and feelings. Some suggest the bad guy is someone we Love to Hate and that just because we do, it doesn’t mean we’re on the bad guy’s side. Others suggest this movie has the potential to incite violence in the real world.

According to The Telegraph, journalist Robbie Collins asked the 44-year-old actor: “Aren’t you worried that this film might perversely end up inspiring exactly the kind of people it’s about, with potentially tragic results?”

“Why? Why would you…? No, no,” exclaimed Phoenix before abruptly leaving the room, per Collins.

Joaquin Phoenix eventually returned to the interview, offering that he panicked because he had not genuinely considered the question before.” Recently he called playing the role of Joker “one of the greatest experiences of my career.” 

Will Phoenix be a contender for best actor at the Oscars? Will Joker join the DC Universe? More on all of that: Here.

“Joker” opens in theaters on Oct. 4.

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