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Joe Jonas' wife Sophie Turner is the "key" to his new tattoo

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

People in love will sometimes opt to tattoo their significant other’s name on their body…but not Joe Jonas.  He’s gone above and beyond to show wife Sophie Turner just how much he loves her by tattooing her face on the back of his neck.

Joe’s delicate ink was created by L.A.-based tattoo artist Noah Lee, who posted a photo of the Jonas Brother’s unique new tattoo: it’s a black-and-white image of a woman’s eye peeking through a keyhole.

Fans were quick to compare the woman in the keyhole’s likeness to that of Sophie, suggesting that the artwork is a metaphor for her always being there to watch Joe’s back.

Neither the Jonas Brother or Lee have confirmed the speculation.

This isn’t the first tattoo Joe or Sophie have gotten in honor of the other, either.  Besides the tattoo on his neck, Joe also has the number “15” inked on his left ring finger to commemorate the day he popped the question to his bride: October 15, 2020.

Sophie, meanwhile, has tattooed the letter “J” on her wrist, and the couple also has matching tattoos on their wrists that honor their love of the movie Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase “To infinity, and beyond!”

Joe and Sophie recently welcomed their first child, a daughter, who they reportedly named Willa.

By Megan Stone
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