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John Mayer reveals his barometer for what makes a hit song

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On a new episode of Grammy-winning guitarist Eric Krasno’s podcast Plus One, John Mayer discusses his process for writing what he considers a hit song.

He reveals his barometer for a hit song is not whether he can picture it being played on the radio, but whether he can picture playing it live all across the world.

“I worked on a song, I thought I had one a week ago,” he says. “And then I realized I probably don’t wanna go to Germany and do this.”

He adds, “What I care about is do I wanna go to Lawrence, Kansas, and play that song there. And if I wanna get there and unpack my suitcase metaphorically and otherwise, and go play that song there, then it’s a hit song to me.”

John also says on the podcast that he’s only just now exploring the idea of writing for other people.

“If it’s only a good song technically and isn’t a place I wanna revisit, I should start giving them to other people,” he says.

John is currently featured on the new track by R&B star Leon Bridges, “Inside Friend.”

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