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John Mayer says one of his 2012 songs is going to be “a major motion picture”

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A song John Mayer recorded back in 2012 is apparently being made into a movie … at least according to John.

As previously reported, Mayer did a livestream benefit concert from Livingtson, Montana, Sunday night to raise money for flood relief efforts in that area and played his 2012 album, Born and Raised, in its entirety. According to Moviemaker, after he played the song “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, 1967,” he said, “I wanna say one thing that might get me in trouble, ’cause that’s what I do. That song is soon to be a major motion picture.”

He added, “It’s true. It’s gonna be a movie.” The song is about a man who builds a homemade submarine and travels across the ocean, eventually making it to Tokyo. 

As Moviemaker notes, two years ago people on Reddit discovered there was an IMDB entry for a film of that name. Writer and director Justin Wheelon then hopped onto the Reddit thread and confirmed that the movie was in preproduction but had been put on hold because of COVID. He added that he hoped to cast actor Joel Murray as Walt.

The IMDB page doesn’t appear to have been updated since.

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