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JoJo releases new song “Creature of Habit,” says ‘The Masked Singer’ helped her regain her love for music

M Jojo2021 052721
Alfredo Flores

Fresh off her unmasking as the Black Swan on Fox’s The Masked Singer, JoJo has dropped a new song and video, “Creature of Habit.”

“‘Creature of Habit’ is about someone who feels addicted to the habit of a relationship, even though they’re not truly happy in it,” JoJo says in a statement.

“Walking away from what you’ve become so used to can be really daunting,” she adds. “Sometimes it just feels more comfortable to stay in the habit, rather than allowing yourself the discomfort of letting it go.”

The “Leave (Get Out)” singer also explained on Instagram that she wanted to do The Masked Singer because after she canceled her 2020 tour, she said, “I felt particularly disconnected & confused about life, & wondered if I was good at singing/performing anymore.”

“Somewhere over the last few yrs I developed stage fright that has impacted me mentally & physically & sometimes makes it feel like I’m choking,” she said. “I knew I had to do something about this feeling, & I wanted to stop taking myself so seriously. I figured donning a 15 lb bedazzled swan costume + headpiece while anonymously singing my heart out might be a good way to do that.”

“If it weren’t for this experience, I may not have shaken from my funk & been able to make new music,” JoJo concluded. “But now I feel invigorated & light moving forward. Connected with my gift & my love for music once again.”

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