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Josh Groban loves the smells of Christmas — even the gross ones


Josh Groban‘s Christmas songs are on repeat around this time of the year, but Josh says when it comes to his family, it’s his mom who goes all-out celebrating the holiday.

“My mom is a Christmas tree aficionado. I mean, if there’s a way to have two trees, she’ll find another corner, just because the ornament collection has gotten so large now,” he laughs. “It just smells like a forest in their living room…sometimes she’ll find a spot for a third tree!”

But while inhaling the piney scent of Christmas trees is definitely something that Josh loves about the holiday, he says there’s another, much less pleasant smell that he associates with this time of year.

“Living in Los Angeles…we don’t have season changes here,” he tells ABC Audio. “[But] growing up, for whatever reason, lawns always got fertilized in our neighborhood during the holidays.”

“So as a kid…the manure would go down, always, during Christmastime,” he laughs. “So now I have this weird sick connection with fertilizer, that, like, ‘Santa’s on his way!'”

Josh recently did his first-ever Christmas concert, as a virtual livestream.  On Twitter, he’s teased that he’s planning another one for Valentine’s Day.

By Andrea Dresdale
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