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Josh Groban says making new album in quarantine was "so therapeutic"

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On Monday, Josh Groban announced he’s releasing a new album called Harmony in November. He tells Billboard that making the album was “so therapeutic” for him, not just because of the songs, but because of what he had to do to create it.

“The interesting thing has been just how much its forced me to be self-reliant in recording, writing, producing,” he explains. “If I want to hear what’s in my head I can’t drive over to a co-writer’s or producer’s house and say, ‘Here’s a thing I plunked out on my iPhone, can you help me make it come to life?’ I’ve had to sit at my laptop and craft it. Which has been hugely rewarding.”

“It’s opened up a floodgate of ideas and songs that I never knew were in me,” Josh continues. “One day they will be released, and maybe even will have been partially recorded in my bedroom. The fact that it’s even a possibility for me is showing me just how many tools I have at my disposal that I didn’t fully appreciate.”

As for the album itself, Josh says, “I wanted to go back to basics a bit, to interpret songs that made me feel good, were a blast to sing, and most importantly, that my fans have been asking for over the course of the last couple years of touring.”

As for the original songs Josh wrote, he says most of them will be on his next album, after Harmony. However, he notes, “one or two seem very timely,” adding, “So the idea of this being a ‘classics’ record will be true for about 90%!”

While there’s no track listing yet, one song that may be on Harmony is “Your Face,” which he debuted back in May.

By Andrea Dresdale
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