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Josh Groban's first-ever holiday concert livestreams on Saturday: "It's the right time to do it"

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On Saturday, Josh Groban will perform his first-ever full-length holiday concert: a ticketed livestream starting at 4 p.m. E.T. Considering Josh’s holiday album Noel was such a massive success, it’s surprising that he’s never done a holiday concert before, but Josh says there was a reason for that.

I think that Noel album that I did in 2007 was just like such a big unexpected hit for me that I wanted to keep loving these songs,” he tells ABC Audio. “I didn’t want to just [be] like, ‘Oh, that was a hit so let’s do a tour.’ I wanted these songs to continue to be kind of that special-time-of-year chestnut thing that could stay nostalgic and stay special.”

But considering what we’ve all been through this year, Josh says now’s the time to finally sing those holiday favorites.

“A lot of families aren’t going to be able to be with each other for the holidays,” he points out, adding, “So, what better time than to pull these songs out…to provide some comfort that way? It’s going to make it even more special for me, and it’s the right time to do it.”

A highlight of the livestream will no doubt be “Celebrate Me Home,” the Kenny Loggins song Josh covers on his new album Harmony.  Josh says the song was “deeply inspirational” to him because, he notes, “There will come a point in the next year, I’m hoping, where everybody is going to be able to be celebrated home, in whatever capacity that means to all of us.”

He adds, “It just made me feel hopeful and good, and sometimes you just enjoy singing something so damn much that you can’t deny the goosebumps. And that was a song that did that for me.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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