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JP Saxe releases new song and video, "Hey Stupid, I Love You"

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If you’re used to hearing JP Saxe be all serious and romantic with his girlfriend Julia Michaels in their emotional duet “If the World Was Ending,” his new song and video will give you a look at his funnier side — starting with the title: “Hey Stupid, I Love You.”

The Canadian singer/songwriter says of the track, “I’ve recently figured out that when someone asks you for more love, it’s much easier to just give it to them, than to convince them that they don’t need it.”

He also says that he wants to put the “grueling and emotional” songs on pause, in favor of a song that “feels like the way I love: rambling and dorky but ultimately sincere.”

JP adds that he also wanted the video — filmed during quarantine — to feel that way, adding, “Shooting it with long distance lenses all outside made for a real silly (and sunburnt) day.”

In the video, JP sings while sitting outside in the hot sun, typing on a typewriter, playing Scrabble in the grass with no board, and jumping around with a fencing mask and sword. At the end of the clip, he delivers a bouquet of flowers to the front door of a house, but we don’t get to see who’s inside.

“You know you’re mine, you just forget sometimes/So promise me you won’t,” JP sings. “And you know I’ll remind you when you think I don’t/Hey stupid, I love you.”

The song is included on JP’s upcoming project, due out later this year.

By Andrea Dresdale
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