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Julia Michaels shares new track from debut album, reveals inspiration behind new songs

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Vince Aung

Julia Michaels‘ new album is called Not In Chronological Order because when it comes to the songs on it, it literally isn’t. 

As she tells Euphoria magazine, “I’ve got heartbreak mixed in in the album when I haven’t been heartbroken in two years. I’ve got insecurities at the bottom and I’ve got love at the top and heartbreak in the middle and that’s just not how it is right now, but that’s how it’s been in the past.”

The reason Julia hasn’t been heartbroken in two years is her boyfriend and duet partner, JP Saxe.  After co-writing the Grammy-nominated hit “If the World Was Ending,” they collaborated on two songs for the new album: “All Your Exes” and “Little Did I Know.” But JP was also the inspiration behind many of Julia’s other new songs, especially one called “Orange Magic.”

“It’s basically just a really funny way of saying that JP is a very magical creature,” she says of that track. “I sound so gross and obsessed, but I totally am.”

“I’m just excited to talk about [him]. I’m excited to talk about love. I’m excited to just be in every single moment that I possibly can,” Julia explains.

Ahead of Not In Chronological Order‘s April 30 release date, Julia’s just shared another new track from the project: “Love Is Weird.” It’s now available on all platforms.

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