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Justin and Hailey Bieber threaten to sue plastic surgeon over TikTok videos


Hailey Bieber did not have plastic surgery and she’s willing to put her money where her mouth is to stop others from saying she has. 

According to legal documents obtained by E! News, attorneys have fired off a cease and desist letter to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett accusing him of using the 23-year-old model’s “name, image and likeness” to “commercially advertise your plastic surgery practice and to spread false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery.”

Barrett, who is active on TikTok, often shares videos that analyze a celebrity’s appearance based on two photos taken years apart from each other and makes an educated guess at the cosmetic procedures they may have had done. On May 23, he featured Hailey in a video and claimed that she’s had a skin tightening procedure, jawline contouring, chin augmentation, as well as filler in her cheeks and lips. 

In addition, her husband Justin Bieber accused the doctor of using “copyrighted protected lyrics” from his song “Sorry.”

The power couple is seeking a public statement from Barrett renounce the claims he made and remove any and all posts containing non-approved references to them but it doesn’t seem like they will get what they want so easily. 

In a statement to E!, Barrett explained that the purpose of his TikTok account is to educate viewers and “increase the transparency of plastic surgery.”

“The purpose of the video was not to disparage Hailey Bieber in any way, the purpose of my video was to share my opinion about the procedures that I believed she may have had done based on photos alone. This is at the request of many of my viewers who follow me for this type of information and for my opinion.”

By Danielle Long
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