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Justin Bieber admits his past trauma made his first year of marriage “really tough”

Rory Kramer

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber may come across as the picture-perfect couple, but the “Holy” singer admits their marriage had a very rocky start.

Speaking to GQ Tuesday, Justin opened up about his past mental health struggles and how they affected his relationship with Hailey.

Around the time of his Purpose World Tour in 2017, the Grammy-winner says he was always “sad” and “in pain,” which caused him to act out.

“I did have a lot of things going on. I did have mono, and I do have Lyme disease. But I was also navigating a lot of emotional terrain, which had a lot to do with it,” the 27-year-old singer explained.

As for what stopped him from spiraling, Justin credits his marriage to Hailey, saying he felt “compelled” to marry her.

“I just felt like that was my calling. Just to get married and have babies and do that whole thing,” he admitted, but added that babies are “not this second, but we will eventually.”

And while Hailey acted as a “stabilizing force” for him, the “Peaches” singer admits, “The first year of marriage was really tough because there was a lot, going back to the trauma stuff. There was just lack of trust.”

“There was all these things that you don’t want to admit to the person that you’re with, because it’s scary. You don’t want to scare them off,” he added, saying he found himself walking “on eggshells” during his and Hailey’s first year together.

Justin said he realized he had to work on himself to make his marriage work, which included him learning it was okay to open up and be vulnerable around his wife. 

“To be honest, I am a lot healthier,” he insisted. “I feel safe.”

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