KS95 for Kids



Kal was preparing for his sophomore year of baseball tryouts when something was bothering him in his neck when throwing a baseball. A trip to urgent care quickly turned into a room at M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital. After a few days in the hospital over spring break Kal was Diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Everything after that moved very quickly. Kal was treated for his cancer at the Journey Clinic, 9th floor.

The Journey clinic quickly became our second home with Kal’s chemotherapy schedule. His care team of Dr. Turcotte, Dr. Lone, Melissa Claar, and Emily Lansdsverk and all his nurses and Michelle at the front desk were amazing and treated us like family. They walked us through every aspect, from educating us on Hodgkins, the treatment plan, helping us to get Kal set-up to be homebound from school. Anything we had questions they were there for us to answer and help. The clinic was absolutely amazing! His treatment was very ugly at times and they held his hand to get him through it all. Kal was 16 at the time and was vocal on some of his treatment options and they always treated him with such respect. Kal’s treatment plan was 6 months long, chemo and radiation. He had his last radiation on August 30th, 2019. He has been in remission for 2 years now as of August 30th of 2021. Wooohooo.

We feel incredibly blessed that Kal was treated at Masonic Children’s Hospital Journey Clinic. It is one of the hardest things Kal and our family have faced. We definitely were in the right place.

Kal is now 18, he is healthy and strong. Kal is in his freshman year of college at CSP studying to be a nurse and playing baseball. The sport he loves. We can never repay the Journey Clinic for making our son healthy again, for helping our son through such a terrible time. Our family is forever grateful.