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Katy Perry addresses Taylor Swift collaboration rumors

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It looks like rumors of a Katy PerryTaylor Swift collaboration are just that — at least for now.

During an interview on Britain’s Hits Radio Breakfast, Perry confirmed that isn’t Taylor’s voice you hear on her new single, “Daisies.”  Furthermore, she says there are no plans “as yet” for the “Shake It Off” singer to appear at all on Katy’s upcoming album, whose working title is KP5.

Says Perry, “The fans are so fun, I mean, they do search far and wide for Easter eggs and we do put them in our visuals and in lyric videos and music videos, in content that we create. But, not everything is an Easter egg,” says Perry.

Perry did offer fans a little hope, however, adding, ”The fans are definitely excited for something like that to happen in the future and I’m always open.”

Fans first suspected something was up between the two earlier this month when Taylor posted a picture of herself wearing a sweater with daisies on it to her Instagram account.

Shortly after, Katy acted coy when asked if an “innovative” performance of “Daisies” on American Idol she’d been hyping might include Taylor.  That also turned out to be a false alarm.

KP5 is set to come out August 14.

Watch the full interview below.

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