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Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel debut “Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop” to take on “Baby Shark”

ABC/Karen Neal

If you’re the parent of a young kid, chances are you’ve heard “Baby Shark” on repeat ad nauseum.  Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel are now giving you its spiritual successor: “Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop.”

Katy, who’s the mom of one-year-old Daisy Dove, appeared Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was drafted into Kimmel’s war against Pinkfong, the creator of “Baby Shark.”  It should be noted that “Baby Shark” has amassed over 10 billion views on YouTube, to which Katy remarked, “I think that’s more than my songs.”

“It’s more than all of the songs, really, combined,” Jimmy retorted. 

The two got down to business and crafted a song that could rival “Baby Shark.”  The critical components needed were capturing “the imagination of children” and using “a total of five or six notes” that are “repetitive.”

Katy felt the song needed to be about a subject “that two-year-olds would really find interesting” and the two brainstormed a few possible themes such as dinosaurs, puppies and low-interest mortgages before arriving at “eating.”

From there, they arrived at using “yum yums.” “It causes all the hair on my body to stand up when I say the word ‘yum yum’,” Jimmy quipped, “but I think that’s good because the parents have to hate the song.” 

After adding other phrases they despise — “nom nom” and “toot toot” — the song was born about what happens when one eats food.  “This is an educational song!” Katy raved.

There was a small snag when composing the melody because the “Roar” singer admitted she doesn’t play the piano, but the two found their stride and performed their masterpiece on air — and even roped in LeVar Burton to help them sing the deliberately annoying song.

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