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Katy Perry declares she's "not afraid" of childbirth: "I know the whole process"


Most first-time mothers are a little trepidatious about the prospect of giving birth — but not Katy Perry. Appearing on the U.K.’s The One Show earlier this week, the pregnant singer said she’s pretty much seen it all.

“I am ready. I am not afraid,” Katy told the show’s hosts. “I’ve helped deliver my sister’s two babies in her living room that are now three and six. And so I know the whole process.”

She then went on to say that her sister’s births took place “in a tub” and “on her bed,” while Katy was “holding her leg back [and] filming it like Scorsese”  — which prompted the show’s male host to stop her, pleading, “Enough detail on that one!”

But in addition to waiting for the arrival of the daughter she’s nicknamed “Kicky Perry,” the singer is also looking forward to the release of her long-awaited fifth album.

“You know, I’m just excited for Smile to come out August 14th…’cause it’s a record that is full of hopefulness and resilience and joy,” she noted. “And hopefully, you know, people will tune into that, if they want that or need that.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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