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Katy Perry explains why it's wrong to assume that "being a mom isn’t a full time job"

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Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry is opening up about how much her world has changed since welcoming daughter Daisy Dove almost a month ago.  The “Smile” singer on Thursday revealed how motherhood has given her a new sense of appreciation for caregivers everywhere.

Popular misconception: being a mom isn’t a full time job,” the American Idol judge tweeted Thursday, throwing in a crazy face, upside down smile and baby bottle emojis to punctuate the point.  

“When a mom finally goes back to work (whatever profession they do) it’s not like they been coming from months of ‘time off…’ she’s coming from a full time job… of being a mom,” the Grammy nominee added, pointing out that child care is a 24-hour responsibility.

Now that she’s learning the ropes and experiencing the trials and tribulations of being a full-time parent, Perry hoped she would inspire fans to not only be more thankful of their mothers, but to caregivers everywhere.  

“Call your mom and tell her you love and appreciate her,” she instructed in the third tweet. “And advocate for paid family leave!”

Despite the tone of her messages, Perry testified that she isn’t complaining about her new responsibilities, adding in her fourth and final tweet, “I love my job.”

Several weeks ago, the singer shared a candid postpartum selfie, complete with a pumping bra, and credited “exhaustion” for her hair, makeup and bewildered expression.

Perry shares Daisy, who was born on August 26, with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

By Megan Stone
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