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Katy Perry has a ball revealing 'Smile' track list, goes from "pop star" to "pooped star"

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On Sunday, Katy Perry discussed some of the tracks on her new album, Smile, with fans during an Instagram live session, but now she’s officially revealed the album’s track listing.

Katy posted a photo of herself surrounded by colorful balls, some of which are floating in the air and bear the names of some of the songs.  According to that picture, the album will include the already-released singles “Daisies,” “Never Really Over,” “Harleys in Hawaii” and the title track, plus eight other songs.

Katy, who looks as though she’s ready to give birth any moment, also posted a photo of herself wearing a mask, apparently passed out on recliner in the middle of a baby supplies store, with the caption “Pooped Star.”  Under her Instagram handle, she’s written, “I’ve Had Enough.”

Here’s the track list for Smile, which comes out August 28:

“Never Really Over”
“Cry About It Later”
“Teary Eyes”
“Not the End of the World”
“Champagne Problems”
“Harleys In Hawaii”
“Only Love”
“What Makes a Woman”

By Andrea Dresdale
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