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Katy Perry has no time for tears with her new single "Cry About It Later"

Liza Voloshin

There are a lot of ways to help someone get through a tough time. One of those ways is to cry about it later, which is conveniently the title and message of Katy Perry‘s new single, “Cry About It Later.”

The tune, which dropped on Friday, tells the quintessential story of someone doing everything in their power to forget about their woes. From going out and “drinking it all up,” to having a “shameless summer” and becoming someone else’s muse, the lyrics make it clear that this person does not want to deal with their drama in the moment but would rather deal with it later — perhaps even months later.

“Cry About It Later” is the latest single that Perry released off of her sixth studio album, Smile, which was also released on Friday. Previously released tracks included “Daisies,” “What Makes A Woman,” and “Never Really Over.”

On top of releasing a new single and album, the 35-year-old singer also hit another major milestone in her life this week by giving birth to her first child. 

In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, the American Idol judge announced that she welcomed a daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, with her fiancé Orlando Bloom.

Later that day, Perry took a moment to give herself a big pat on the back for both of her accomplishments. 

She tweeted, “Delivering a baby and a record in the same week, dont f*** with mama aka #whatmakesawoman #smile.”

By Danielle Long
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