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Katy Perry is saving her outfits for baby Daisy: “I want them to be worn again”

ABC/Christopher Willard

Over the years, Katy Perry has worn some eye-popping outfits: Just her American Idol wardrobe alone is pretty vast, not to mention some of the get-ups she’s worn on stage.  And Katy says one day, she hopes to pass some of those clothes onto her daughter, Daisy Dove.

“I think about it all the time,” Katy told POPSUGAR, noting that Daisy will get “carte blanche” to raid her closet. “I do a lot of cleanups, but I do have some stuff always that I’m thinking about.”

Katy explained that ever since learned she would be the mother of a daughter, she’s wanted to share her ensembles with Daisy, noting, “I need them to go somewhere. I want them to be worn again.” However, there’s always a chance that Katy’s brightly colored, over-the-top looks won’t sit well with Daisy’s personal style.

“[Daisy will] probably just be goth, and like, ‘No, Mom, thanks,'” Katy joked.

Daisy will turn a year old in August.  In December, Katy will have even more outfits for her to choose from, as she kicks off her highly anticipated Las Vegas residency, PLAY.

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