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Katy Perry: "Now I’m turning into my mom!”

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Katy Perry may not know what it’s like to be a mother — yet — but at least she’s decided on what she’s going to use to keep her daughter’s nursery clean.

ET Canada reports that the pregnant singer co-hosted a virtual panel on nutrition this week for the wellness brand Bragg — she and fiance Orlando Bloom are both investors in the company.  She’s particularly crazy about the company’s brand of apple cider vinegar, a centuries-old home remedy for any number of ailments.  Turns out it has other uses as well.

“My fiancé and I have done research on what we’re going to use as far as cleaning the nursery and I think we’re going to use [Bragg’s] apple cider vinegar to be completely honest, which is what my mother implemented as well,” Katy said during the panel, according to ET Canada.

“I take two things every morning… one of them is celery juice, and [Bragg’s] Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey,” Katy noted. “We dilute it with water, and that’s what I drink before I drink anything – even coffee! It has done wonders for my whole immune system.”

“Like, I used to make fun of my mom, and now I’m turning into my mom!” she laughed.

As for why Katy’s mom was such a fan of Bragg, turns out Katy’s family lived next door to the family that owned the company.  In fact, the company head gave Katy her first guitar.

Apple cider vinegar even helped bring Katy and Orlando together.  Last year in an interview, she explained that when he picked her up for their first real date, they both brought bottles of water with apple cider vinegar mixed in.

“We both kind of looked at each other…it was like ‘Whaaaat?'” she recalled.

By Andrea Dresdale
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