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Katy Perry opens up about juggling motherhood and her career

ABC/Eric McCandless

Katy Perry is a very busy woman. In addition to parenting her two-year-old daughter, Daisy, she serves as a judge on American Idol, manages her shoe company Katy Perry Collections, performs a Las Vegas residency, is continually working on her music career — and then some!

So, how does she juggle it all?

Speaking on the Smartless podcast, the “Firework” singer admits she is “working a lot. I’ve always worked a lot.” Katy noted that although she “wears a lot of f***ing hats,” she ensures she is always there for her child with fiancé Orlando Bloom.  

To ensure she spends as much time with her kid, Katy has only hired a part-time nanny. “I feel like if I had a full-time nanny, then I’d never be able to know how to care for my daughter like I’m meant to,” she explained. 

The Grammy winner says she takes the days she’s in charge of her child very seriously. “It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a show that goes to 11 p.m. the night before, I’m waking up at 6 o’clock and we’re gonna go and do breakfast,” she shared.

“Yes, I have the no-sleep shakes,” the hitmaker joked about her packed schedule. “I’m doing mom mode today.”  She added her sister “tapped in” to take care of her toddler and “do some Play-Doh” during the interview.

Katy saluted those who step in to help when she needs it but insisted she “want[s] to participate” in Daisy’s development. “She’s 2. She’s at that point where she’s saying new words every day, and the other day she was saying some words I didn’t teach her — and I was like, ‘D*** it,” said Katy. “That doesn’t feel good.'”

Katy and Orlando welcomed Daisy in August 2020.

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