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Katy Perry releases “Electric” to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Who knew Katy Perry and Pikachu made such a shockingly good team?  Ahead of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, the singer has released “Electric” and a brand new music video on Friday.

The inspirational song contains the message about believing in yourself no matter what, which gives you the spark to make life truly “Electric.”

The song also doubles as a metaphor for the journey every Pokémon master must take — from defeating gym leaders, toppling the evil Team Rocket’s plans for world domination and, of course, catching ’em all — in order to be the very best.

“I know you feel it, feel it / If you believe it then you can / There’s no reason that this life can’t be Electric!,” Katy sings, encouraging the audience to realize that they all have the power to be remarkable.

In the companion music video, Katy heads to an old lighthouse with her trusty partner, Pikachu, to go back in time to teach that same lesson to her younger self who is struggling to find her inner spark.

The two work in secret to remind the younger Katy that she loves singing and her number one fan — her Pokémon — will always be right beside her.

Katy will be headlining a massive new music program with Universal Music Group, called P25 Music, that will include various activities throughout the year to celebrate the popular video game franchise’s 25th anniversary.

“Pokémon has been a constant in my life from playing the original video games on my Game Boy, to trading Pokémon TCG cards at lunch, to the adventures of catching Pokémon on the street with Pokémon GO,” the Grammy nominee previously said in a statement. “It is an honor to be chosen to help celebrate a franchise that has given me so much joy in the last 25 years.”

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