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Katy Perry reveals what motherhood has taught her, whether she’ll have more kids: “We’ll see!”

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Katy Perry‘s daughter, Daisy Dove, turns 2 on August 26. Ahead of the milestone birthday, the “Roar” hitmaker previewed what her little one has been up to.

Katy, who shares Daisy with fiancé Orlando Bloom, says her daughter is already walking in her parents’ shoes. “She’s a ham,” the American Idol judge told People. “She likes to dress up. She’s not very shy.”

As for the kind of performer Daisy could become one day, Katy thinks she could be a dancer. “She loves ballet,” the singer said. “She goes to tutu school and she loves it. It’s all very adorable.”

Katy also reflected on how her life changed since she welcomed Daisy in 2020, saying she is “just so blessed” she’s a mom. The experience has also been eye-opening, with Katy adding, “You just never thought there was that capacity for love.”

“It was just such an interesting thing having a child during COVID because everything paused besides that,” she expressed. “I love the experience I’m having with my daughter now.”  

Naturally, fans are curious if the singer wants more kids, to which she teased to People in a separate interview, “We’ll see!”

Katy explained she’s “a planner” and is open to the idea of growing her family “hopefully in the future.”

The singer also praised her fiancé for helping her find balance as a mom and a singer because they share turns being the “#1 parent.”

“We do this funny thing where I go and visit him for a month while he’s making a movie and then when he’s not making a movie, he kind of takes charge on being #1 parent,” she dished. “Then I go and do all my business stuff, so we really are just tapping each other in and out.”

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