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Katy Perry says first marriage was a "tornado," current fiancé is "the main course"

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Katy Perry seems to have found true and lasting happiness with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, with whom she recently welcomed her first child, Daisy Dove.  But asked to recall her 2010 marriage to comedian Russell Brand for a recent interview, the singer described it as very tempestuous time, to say the least.

In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia that aired on Sunday night, Katy Perry was asked about her 14-month marriage to Brand, which famously ended when he told her via text that he wanted a divorce.

It was the first kind of breaking of my idealistic mind,” Katy says of that period of her life. “I was having great success at 23 and 24 and 25. And then I met someone that was interesting and stimulating, and it was just like a tornado. It was just like all of it, everything happening at once.”

Katy says she stuck with it because she’s “always resonated with friction and resistance and challenges.”  And while her current relationship with her baby daddy Orlando isn’t always “peachy keen jelly bean,” as she puts it, it’s not a lost cause.

It is a healthy, frictional, very open, very communicative, nothing-is-swept-under-the-mat type of relationship,” Katy says of her and Orlando’s union. “I think if we can get to the end of our lives together, we’ll be each other’s greatest teachers.”

“You know, dating is different. Weekend lovers….that’s fun. That’s candy,” she adds. “This is solid. This is like, the main course.”


By Andrea Dresdale

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