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Katy Perry says new album is a "real snapshot of resilience"

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Liza Voloshin

Recently, Katy Perry‘s spoken about her mental health struggles over the last few years, but she says her new album, due August 14, documents the “journey” she went on to ultimately realize that she and her career are two different things.

Appearing on the Australian TV show Sunrise, Katy said, “This record is a real snapshot of resilience, which is my favorite word and has been for a while, because I’ve been writing it over the past two years. And coming out of Witness…my last record, I became very upset and depressed… I was clinically depressed.”

“I became very insecure and had to go on a journey, both emotionally, spiritually and psychologically to understand why I had given so much validation outwardly [to my career],” she continued.  “And how everything related to my career isn’t all of what life is, it is one part of who I am.  So I really went through that journey, and a lot of beautiful songs came from it.”

Now that she’s been on that journey, Katy’s ready to become a mother, and she says she and fiance Orlando Bloom have found a bit of a silver lining in the COVID-19 lockdown: It’s allowed them to slow down during this special time.

“I’m finding the balance, whether I like it or not,” she laughed. “Because I’m such a workaholic, that I would have worked, you know, until my water broke, quite honestly!”

Katy predicts that when her daughter arrives, she’ll be the “bad cop” parent, because the baby will be “daddy’s little girl.”  Specifically, Katy said, “I’m gonna be firm but fair.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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