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Katy Perry says not long ago, she was "terrified" of motherhood

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Katy Perry has been so positive about her pregnancy that it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, she couldn’t even imagine herself as a mother.

Speaking to People magazine for its new cover story, Katy admits, “I was really terrified of the idea two or three years ago. It was just like, I don’t know how I’m ever gonna do that. That’s crazy. I can barely take care of myself!”

But after working on herself via intense therapy, Katy knew she was ready to take that next step, and was no longer “scared” to have a child.

“[The process] helped me re-wire how I think about myself and the habits and patterns of why I do something. It’s just given me a lot more freedom,” she explains. “I’m really glad that I got to check off a lot of boxes personally and professionally before I got to this place.”

“Unconditional love has been a journey for me, and that’s going to be amazing,” she adds.

While Katy assumes her and fiancé Orlando Bloom‘s baby girl will grow up loving music, she doesn’t necessarily expect her to follow in her footsteps.  However, she does expect that the baby will inherit some of their personality traits.

“She’s gonna be her own person, but she has two very ambitious, loud, independent, free-thinking parents, so it’s gonna rub off,” she tells People. “Or maybe she’s gonna completely revolt and be [an] ‘in the corner, very shy bookworm.'”

“Great! We’re just here to support her,” says Katy, “and I’m sure she’s just here to teach us a lesson!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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