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Katy Perry says she contacted LA Mayor Eric Garcetti about implementing anti-police brutality policies

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As protests over the death of George Floyd carried on for another night across America, Katy Perry says there is another way to demand change — and that’s by confronting your local representatives.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday, the American Idol judge encouraged her fans to support a series of new policies proposed by Campaign Zero, an organization dedicated to stopping police brutality.

“There are a lot of ways to help the movement towards justice and equality and I believe this is where we could make the most change RIGHT NOW!,” rallied Perry. “Yesterday, @campaignzero launched #8CantWait, a list of policies regarding use-of-force that have the power to reduce police violence and deaths.”

Saying that local leaders have the power to put such policies in place, the “Roar” singer furthered, “These are the stepping stones to the bigger changes that we are all working for.”

Katy then laid out three of the strategies she wants LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to enact immediately.  “Require warning before shooting • exhaust all alternatives before shooting • require all force be reported,” the 35-year-old penned, concluding with a resolute “I will be calling my mayor TODAY.”

In addition, Perry included a letter fans can copy and paste should they prefer emailing Mayor Garcetti, instead.

Campaign Zero estimates that if local municipalities implement their eight proposed policy changes, police violence will fall by 72 percent.  

The proposals were inspired by strategies that have already been enacted by some police departments, such as exhausting all alternatives before discharging a firearm and not firing at moving vehicles.

By Megan Stone
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