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Katy Perry's baby daddy Orlando Bloom gives update on Daisy Dove

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While Katy Perry hasn’t done any interviews since she became mom to baby Daisy Dove, her fiancé Orlando Bloom gave Ellen DeGeneres an update on how things are going at the Perry/Bloom household since their bundle of joy arrived.

Appearing on Ellen’s show on Wednesday, Orlando revealed that unlike most newborns, Daisy isn’t keeping her parents up all night.

“She’s sleeping, like, from nine to six, it’s unbelievable, nine until seven, which is a blessing,” he gushed. Bloom also bragged that he’s “definitely winning the daddy points” for his ability to soothe little Daisy.  What’s his secret? He walks around with her, whispering Buddhist chants into her ear, which he also did when she was in Katy’s belly.

“She likes it. She responds very nicely. Katy’s a bit like, ‘Whaa???’ It’s like I’m a baby whisperer!” he boasted.

As for who the baby looks like, Orlando says when Daisy arrived, he thought she was his “mini-me,” but her eyes look like Katy’s.  “Fortunately, she got those Katy blues,” noted the actor.

“Then she sort of looked a bit like my mom,” Orlando laughed. “So then I got a little bit confused ’cause Katy’s breast-feeding this mini me-slash-my mom….y’know…who’s she gonna look like next?”

As for Katy, she tweeted that Daisy is “just starting to show me her smile,” but admitted that as a new mom, she doesn’t even know “what day of the week it is.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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