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Katy Perry's caught in a 'Groundhog Day' of dishwashing in new animated "Never Really Over" video

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Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry‘s single from last year, “Never Really Over,” isn’t over quite yet. In the run-up to the release of her album Smile on Friday, she’s released a new animated video for the tune.

“Just cuz this song came out in May 2019 doesn’t mean it’s ever. really. over…Here’s NRO based on my ACTUAL experiences with dishes during quarantine…they were #NeverReallyOver, [you feel me?]” Katy jokes on Twitter.

The animated video seems to be inspired by Groundhog Day. It unfolds from the point of view of a woman, presumably Katy, who wakes up every day at the same time, brushes her teeth in the same way and sits down to breakfast. 

What she’s eating changes, but when she gets up to do the dishes, she sees the same dirty dish on the counter — even though she remembers washing it the previous day…and the day before…and the day before…

Finally, she smashes the plate to pieces and then places them together on the table.  When she comes down to breakfast the next day, the plate is sitting there on the table, magically in one piece again, with a smiley face bacon and eggs looking up at her.

The new video is on a YouTube playlist called “The Smile Video Series,” which certainly seems to indicate that we’ll be getting more videos for songs on the album.

By Andrea Dresdale
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