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Kelly Clarkson swears she’d have “double-Ds” if she weren’t terrified of going under the knife

Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

One thing that Kelly Clarkson’s fans like about her is that she’s so down-to-earth and seemingly unconcerned with her appearance. But Kelly admits that she’d totally be down to have a boob job or Botox — except for the fact that she’s terrified of putting chemicals in her body.

Appearing on actress Mayim Bialik‘s podcast Balik Breakdown, Kelly explained that when she gets older, she’s going to “look like a total Shar-Pei [dog],” adding, “I’m gonna have every wrinkle in the world on my face because…I am afraid of stuff called botulism toxin. It’s literally called botulism toxin and I’m like, ‘no.'”

“Any needle that goes in my body is either taking blood to check my thyroid, ’cause it’s off….or healthy things for you, not, like, a bunch of pharmaceuticals or a buncha things that mess you up,” Kelly adds. “I’m afraid of stuff like that! So that’s not me being, like, ‘I’m above it.’ I’m terrified!”

“If I weren’t terrified, I would be sitting here right now with some double-Ds. I’m gonna be real with you,” Kelly continued. “‘Cause I never had big boobs, and I always wanted big boobs, but I’m terrified!”

Therefore, Kelly says, she is not planning to hide the signs of aging as she grows older.

“I hope I’m still having my talk show,” she adds. “And I hope people see, like, ‘This is what it looks like. This is how you look when you get older.’ It’s fine.”

(Kelly’s comments come about 38:00 into the video.)

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