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Kesha shares trailer for upcoming paranormal series ’Conjuring Kesha’

Courtesy Discovery+

Calling all Animals! Kesha‘s paranormal reality series arrives next week, and to get you all excited, she shared its official trailer.

“IM FREAKING OUT,” the hitmaker teased on Instagram. “Im so excited for y’all to see all the crazy s*** we caught on camera.” Kesha also said her series “literally has changed my life hand to god.”

The trailer shows Kesha visiting various haunted locations and trying to interact with ghosts, demons and whatever else goes bump in the night. “It’s about to get crazy,” she gloats in one scene. Other clips show her using an Ouija board, singing “Amazing Grace” to angry spirits and asking out loud, “Are we in danger?”

While Kesha adores all things spooky, the trailer proves that even she will scream in terror when faced with the unexplainable.

The Grammy nominee isn’t alone on her adventures, either. She’s brought some friends and professional paranormal experts along for the thrilling ride. Guests include comedian Whitney CummingsBachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and more.

In one clip, rapper Gata is seen heading out of a haunted building and declaring loudly, “I am gettin’ out of here, y’all.” It appears he’s not the only one who is sent heading for the hills, as the trailer also shows Kesha booking it down a hallway — but it’s unknown if she’s running toward or away from something spooky.

“To me, the supernatural comes naturally,” Kesha previously said in a statement. “It started with my insatiable curiosity, my eternal searching for something bigger than me.”

“I wanted to catch actual proof of the unexplainable. If we could catch these things on camera, then what else could be true?” she queried.

Conjuring Kesha premieres Friday, July 8, on Discovery+.

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