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Kim Petras on her “precious little baby” hit “Unholy”: “This is definitely the gateway into my music”


After topping the Billboard Hot 100 with “Unholy,” Kim Petras and Sam Smith have been nominated for a Grammy for the song. Kim says she and Sam have yet to celebrated their nomination together in person, but she still can’t get over the effect the song has had on her career.

“We still need to celebrate the Grammy [nod] together, so I’m looking forward to that,” she tells ABC Audio. “But of course, I have celebrated with my friends and my dogs and … it’s just been such a crazy ride.”

“‘Unholy,’ like, changed everything for me and I’m very grateful,” she adds. “And it’s just crazy how fast things like that can happen.”

Kim says she and Sam have been trying to collaborate for four years, but “Unholy” was the song that ticked all the boxes for them.

“We had a special feeling about the song when we made it … ‘Unholy’ was the one where it felt right and where we were both like, ‘Yeah, this is the song,'” she recalls. “We got into the studio together, we had a couple of drinks and just unleashed ‘Unholy,’ and it felt special from the day it was born.”

“It’s just the most precious little baby, and people really like it,” she laughs. “We hoped that it would have this reaction.”

But beyond chart positions and award nominations, Kim, who’s been releasing music since 2008, says “Unholy” is a great introduction for fans who may not have ever heard of her before.

“This is, like, definitely the gateway into my world, into my music,” she says. “And a lot of people are discovering my discography for the first time, which is really exciting, because I’ve waited for a moment like this to happen.”

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