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Kim Petras on “processing” “Unholy’s” success with Sam Smith, Christmas plans & holiday memories


Sam Smith and Kim Petras weren’t able to get together and celebrate after they received their Grammy nomination for “Unholy” in November. The two have finally been able to connect in the past two weeks, since they’ve been making appearances at various holiday concerts — but Kim says full-on celebrating is going to have to wait for the “tornado” to subside.

“We still didn’t really have time to celebrate, per se. We’ve just been going and going because it’s been kind of an amazing little tornado of things happening,” Kim tells ABC Audio. “But I think we’re both just kind of really blown away, and we’ve gotten some chances to kind of just talk, and hang out and process everything. And it has been pretty awesome.”

No doubt both Sam and Kim will have merry Christmases this year, thanks to the success of “Unholy.” Kim was actually born and raised in Cologne, Germany, and while she’s not going back there this year, she’ll still be “home,” so to speak.

“I definitely feel like … home is wherever my friends and chosen family are,” she says. “This year, I’m going to Chicago. I’m going to be with my best friend. I’m going to have a cozy little Christmas there, and it’s hopefully gonna to be really cold and all of that. I do miss my family in Germany, but yeah, I don’t really feel home anywhere. I feel home when I’m going [somewhere]!”

However, Kim admits there are still things she misses about Christmases in Germany.

“I miss Glühwein. It’s like this hot wine that’s spiced,” she says. “I miss actually going to the Christmas markets. I miss the food, the Christmas music — it’s different from American Christmas music. And it’s definitely [like a fairy tale] … very magical!” 

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