Your Dollars at Work

With nearly $16 million raised in twenty years, KS95 is dedicated to supporting Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Thanks to your generous support, we’re changing the lives of thousands of children.
Here are just a few of the ways your donations make a difference for the children and families served by the two benefiting organizations:

  • Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare researchers and child life staff are using Virtual Reality technology to relieve pain and anxiety in patients following surgery and utilizing it as a coping tool during procedures.
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund researchers are developing immunotherapies that can recognize and kill osteosarcoma cells, a treatment that could potentially cure the disease without the need for chemotherapy.
  • Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare neurologists and researchers are using Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) to control seizures in patients with Epilepsy, including one of the youngest-ever patients to undergo VNS.
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund researchers are moving forward with a clinical trial that will shut down a protein that shields brain tumors from a potentially lifesaving anti-cancer vaccine.
  • Gillette.jpgGillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare rehab therapists are implementing animal-assisted therapy to help comfort patients recovering from surgery, motivate patients to reach new milestones in their rehabilitation and reduce physical and emotional pain in both patients and their families.
  • Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare supported over 223 families with financial assistance to cover services and care provided by Gillette.
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund researchers are joining forces and sharing data with the brightest minds around the world to study why rates of hepatoblastoma are rising in kids, and how they can develop treatments to stop it. Children’s Cancer Research Fund supported integrative therapies such as music therapy, which both helps kids recovering from treatment reach their treatment goals but also allows them to have the creative childhood experiences they deserve.!

Learn more about Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.