KS95 at the Minnesota State Fair!


“Don’t forget to try the KS95 Snapchat Geofilter while you’re at the fair! Just take a photo on snapchat and swipe left through the geofilters until you see the “KS95 at the fair” geofilter!”



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Morning Show Be Kind Coffee Mugs for Sale at KS95 Booth Fair

Morning Show Be Kind Coffee Mugs for Sale at the KS95 booth at the State Fair!

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A Great Big World Autograph KS95 Broadcast Booth

A Great Big World Autographed the KS95 Broadcast Booth

Register to Double Your Paycheck

Don’t Forget to Register for Double Your Paycheck!


Dez and Bangs answering trivia questions!

A Great Big World KS95 Booth

A Great Big World at the KS95 booth!

A Great Big World with Dez & Darrin

A Great Big World with Dez and Darrin

Darrin Interviewing A Great Big World

Darrin interviewing A Great Big World!

Dez & Bangs Twin Citie Live Fair Trivia Champions

Dez and Bang Twin Cities Live Fair Trivia Champions

Dez & Bangs Twin Cities Live

Dez and Bangs on Twin Cities Live!

KS95 Dove Shirt Back In Stock

The KS95 Dove Shirt is back in stock!

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About KS95

KS95 plays Today’s Variety…from 2k to Today! With songs from artists like Maroon 5, P!nk, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and more. Crisco, Dez & Ryan make you laugh in the morning and Staci & Hutch keep you company on the ride home.