Starting Monday, August 31st, listen each weekday, 4X a day at 7am, 9am, 3pm & 5pm for the KS95 State Fair Secret Sound to play. When you hear the Secret Sound, be the 9th caller at 651.989.KS95 (5795), correctly identify the Secret Sound and win the current jackpot! Get it wrong, and the jackpot keeps growing by $100 until someone guesses the Secret Sound!
Even if you incorrectly identify the sound you STILL walk away with a prize … 4 tickets to the 2021 Minnesota State Fair!

Guesses will be updated daily and can be found below:

SOUND NO. 4: Milking a cow (Dave from Gaylord)

SOUND NO. 3: Deep frying bacon (Lori from Bloomington)
CLUE: Wee, wee, wee… all the way home!

Incorrect: Running water (Jane from Belle Plaine)
Incorrect: Bacon on a stick (Tanya from New Richmond)
Incorrect: Deep frying of cheese curds (Jessica from Fridley)
Incorrect: Water on that water ride (Lisa from Chanhassen)
Incorrect: Making homemade ice cream (Patty from Brooklyn Park)

SOUND NO. 2: Tapping a yardstick on the pavement (Kim from Shorewood)
CLUE: There’s no real reason people do this at the State Fair, but if you walk around long enough you’ll hear it.
CLUE: Sometimes you can get one of these for free and it is 91.44 centimeters.

Incorrect: Shooting Game (Cheryl from South St. Paul)
Incorrect: Drums from the parade (Peggy from Osseo)
Incorrect: The divets as you go down the big yellow slide (James from Owatonna)
Incorrect: The Mini Donut Machine Lever (Lisa from Minnetrista)
Incorrect: Turnstile Clicking When you Enter (Ilya from Lakeville)
Incorrect: Someone Clapping (Andrea from St. Paul)
Incorrect: Opening a bottle of pop (Kris from Elk River)
Incorrect: Skyride going around a corner (Debbie from Eagan)
Incorrect: Clicking of French Fry wheel (Meg from Eagan)
Incorrect: Someone snapping their gum (Kaisa from Andover)
Incorrect: Popping popcorn (Kate from Minneapolis)
Correct: Tapping a yardstick on the pavement (Kim from Excelsior)

SOUND NO. 1: Shucking Corn (Cindy from New Hope)


Official Rules