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Lady Gaga 'Chromatica' OREOS are now available to pre-order


Last year, Lady Gaga announced that she was teaming up with OREOS to release special cookies inspired by her latest album, Chromatica. Well, the sweet treats are now available to pre-order.

The limited-edition OREOS — which have pink outsides, green creme filling and Gaga-related images embossed on them — can be ordered at now.  They cost $3.67 per pack but if you want them delivered to your house you’ll pay an extra $5.99 to get them by February 5.  Then again, if you don’t pre-order them, your local store may be sold out when the cookies finally hit shelves.

In addition to the cookies themselves, each package has QR code that you can scan to “unlock musical messages of kindness to send to your friends,” according to the website.  There’s also a way for you to enter to win a (possibly virtual) meet and greet with Gaga.

Meanwhile, you can watch Gaga herself in action on Wednesday, when she sings the national anthem at the presidential inauguration.

By Andrea Dresdale
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