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Lady Gaga gives a fan the clothes off her back

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Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

A fan who approached Lady Gaga recently got more than just a selfie or an autograph: Gaga gave her the clothes off her back, literally.

As photos published in the British tabloid The Daily Mail show, Gaga and her boyfriend, entrepreneur and investor Michael Polansky, were leaving a restaurant in Malibu, CA recently — properly masked, of course — when a fan came up to them.  She wasn’t wearing a mask.

Gaga, who was wearing a leather jacket, leggings and a sports bra, can be seen removing her jacket and handing it to the fan, who promptly put it on over her hoodie and walked away.  Gaga was left with just a sports bra and leggings.

It’s not clear what the exchange between the fan and Gaga was, but let’s hope it wasn’t, “This is a stick up.”  Considering the fact that Polansky didn’t seem to react, we’ll assume the encounter was benign, but it’s so hard to see if people are smiling behind those face masks.

Gaga and Polansky made their romance Instagram official in February.

By Andrea Dresdale
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