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Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more celebrate Joe Biden's 2020 election win

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With former Vice President Joe Biden set to become the 46th president of the United States, celebrities have taken to social media with their reactions.

Many celebrities celebrated to the historical implications of the 2020 election, with artists like Lady GagaRihanna and Jennifer Lopez congratulating Senator Kamala Harris for becoming not only the first female Vice President in U.S. history, but also the first woman of color to represent the second highest office in the White House.

“History is being made today for all little girls who got loud across the world,” Lopez remarked in a teary-eyed Instagram story. “It is an amazing, amazing day.”

Rihanna also shared her enthusiastic reaction to Harris’ historical win, tweeting, “The faces of history makers, boundary breakers, and WINNERS!! CONGRATULATIONS to you both, and mostly to the American people!!”

Lady Gaga also remarked on Twitter that she had “nothing but love” for the nation’s newly elected leaders, calling the Biden campaign “one of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery humanity has ever seen.”

Singer Camila Cabello was overwhelmed with emotion, as well, admitting that she “can’t stop crying” after learning of the election results. She tweeted, “Love wins.”

Ariana Grande also shed tears over the election results, taking to Twitter to express, “CRYING … THANK GOD.”

However, one of the most emotional reactions came from “Truth Hurts” rapper Lizzo, who posted a four-minute reaction video to Instagram where she openly wept about Harris breaking the glass ceiling.

“I’m so excited to see a Black woman in the White House, a Brown woman in the White House, an Indian-American woman in the White House and I am so ready to see if America can hold itself accountable,” she expressed, adding that she’s feeling “hopeful” for the future.

Similarly, Megan Thee Stallion extended her heartfelt congratulations to Vice President-elect Harris, writing, “First Black female Vice President ever in history… we love to see it.”

Pink remarked on Harris making history, saying that her “heart is full” and that a Biden presidency will hopefully bridge the divide between the two parties. “It’s about time we talk about being American instead of being democrat or republican,” she noted. “INCLUSION FOR ALL IS THE FUTURE.”

Shakira admittedly danced with her children over the election results when sharing with her followers, “Celebrating with my children this new phase of unity and healing that begins now” and that “Now it’s time to clean up the environment, provide quality education and health services to all. We all have to do our part, but the groundwork is laid.”

Also reacting with excitement was Cher, who admitted on Twitter that she “jumped on my bed” upon hearing the results.

Demi Lovato shared her thoughts about the message the 2020 election sent to the world by tweeting, “Today we celebrate the millions of Americans who overcame barriers to the ballot box, mobilized their communities & voted in record breaking numbers.”

“Wild” singer John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen partied in their car while driving through a celebration that took over the Santa Monica Boulevard shortly after the election results were announced.  Several fans shot videos of the famous couple high-fiving and waving to partygoers on the street. 

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger expressed his hopes of what a Biden presidency will bring by sharing on Twitter, “I’m so looking forward to coming back to an America free of harsh words and name calling and be amongst people who I know have common ground and harmony.  It’s a challenge but it can be done!”

By Megan Stone
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