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Lady Gaga says having female friends in showbiz is like "watching a pig fly"

Courtesy CBS Sunday Morning

According to Lady Gaga, friends are hard to come by in the entertainment industry, which is why she’s happy to have bonded with fellow pop star Ariana Grande

During an interview with Lee Cowan for CBS Sunday Morning, Gaga, 34, explained that it can be difficult to form friendships with other females but that notion didn’t extend to her “Rain On Me” collaborator. 

“I love that girl,” she gushed about Grande, 27.

“You know how hard it is to make a female friend in this business?” Gaga asked Cowan, adding, “In this business, having a female friend is like watching a pig fly.”

Gaga and Ariana have been very open about their connection in recent months, often referring to each other as “sisters” — she did so at the MTV Video Music Awards, where the duo won three trophies for their collaboration. 

“This means the world,” she said as she accepted the award. “Ariana and I really connected through this song.”

“Me and Ariana are truly soul sisters,” Gaga added. “Girl, this is for us. We both been through some [stuff] together, but we were willing to share that with each other. Ari, I love you.”

By Danielle Long
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