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Lady Gaga unveils limited-edition Dom Pérignon sculpture for charity

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Dom Pérignon

As part of her new deal with Champagne brand Dom Pérignon, Lady Gaga has created a limited-edition sculpture, with all proceeds going to a worthy cause.

“We designed my own custom Dom Pérignon bottle in collaboration with [fashion director] Nicola Formichetti, as well as a limited-edition sculpture,” Gaga explains in an Instagram video. “And the profits of this limited-edition piece will go to the Born This Way Foundation, my charity.”

“I can’t wait to toast with you to celebrate life and a world where everyone is seen, heard and loved,” she adds.

It’s hard to tell, but the sculpture appears to look like a customized bottle of the Champagne with “Lady Gaga Edition” written on the label and the neck, partially encased in shiny Mylar wrapping.

According to the Champagne’s website, only 110 sculptures are being produced and will be “sold in private sales and showcased in flagship Dom Pérignon locations.”

Prices are available on request from the website but you know what they say: If you have to ask…


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