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Lady Gaga’s dog walker asks that alleged shooter turn himself in after he was mistakenly released

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James Jackson; courtesy: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Lady Gaga‘s dog walker Ryan Fischer — who was shot last year while attempting to fight off several men who stole two of Gaga’s French bulldogs — has reacted to the news that the man accused of shooting him, James Jackson, was mistakenly released from custody early this week and is currently at large.

As previously reported, Jackson was released due to a “clerical error,” according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. In a statement Friday afternoon, the Department said, “Our office indicted Mr. Jackson on Tuesday to speed up the legal process. He was arraigned on the indictment under a new case number. Mr. Jackson was subsequently released from custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

The statement continued, “We are unsure as to why they did so. However our office is working with the Sheriff’s Department to take Mr. Jackson back into custody. If anyone has information, please reach out to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

In a statement to ABC News, Fischer said of this development, “While I’m deeply concerned at the events that led to [Jackson’s] release, I’m confident law enforcement will rectify the error.”

He added, “I ask for Mr. Jackson to turn himself over to the authorities, so resolution to the crime committed against me runs its course, whatever the courts determine that outcome to be. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me during this time.”

After Fischer was shot, he was hospitalized and underwent surgery; reportedly, he still has trouble breathing due to the damage to his lung.

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