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Lady Gaga’s dog walker back to work after near-fatal shooting

Koji with Lady Gaga; Michael Stewart/GC Images

Ryan Fischer, who took a bullet while protecting Lady Gaga‘s French bulldogs three months ago, is back at work, reports TMZ.

Fischer was seen stopping by Gaga’s house this past Friday afternoon carrying some gifts, and sources tell TMZ that he’s now walking her dogs Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia during the day.

In February, Fischer was shot during a dognapping while walking the pups at night. Koji and Gustav were stolen, while Asia ran away to safety. Fischer had to endure a lengthy hospital stay and, TMZ says, the partial removal of a lung. It was later determined that the dogs were targeted for their breed, and not because they belonged to Gaga.

In April, five people were arrested in charged in connection with the dognapping, including three men, all documented gang members, who were directly involved in the robbery and shooting, and two who were accessories to the crime. 

One of those accessories, Jennifer McBride, was the woman who returned the dogs to an LAPD station after claiming to have found them tied up on the street. It later turned out she was connected Harold White — the other person arrested as an accessory — who is the father of one of the robbers. 

McBride was hoping to score the $500,000 that Gaga had offered for the dogs’ return, but police were reportedly suspicious of her from the start.

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