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Lance Bass is thrilled to discover he’s related to Britney Spears: “This means so much to me!”


Lance Bass has often said that Britney Spears is like a little sister to him — but as it turns out, she’s literally a distant relative.

The genealogy company sponsors a YouTube series called 2 Lies & a Leaf, and on Monday’s episode, Lance got the shocking news that he and Britney are sixth cousins once removed. 

On the episode, Lance and his husband, Michael Turchin, were asked to guess which one of three famous musicians is part of Lance’s family tree: Faith Hill, Elvis Presley or Britney Spears.  Lance says he wants it to be Britney, but he felt there was “no way,” so he guessed Elvis.  Michael guessed Britney, and he was right.

“That is so crazy, though, because I feel like she’s my little sister, and this whole time, she’s been my little cousin!” Lance exclaimed. “And it makes sense ’cause we were born an hour from each other. This is so cool!”

Lance was born in Laurel, Mississippi, while Britney was born in McComb, Mississippi.

“I mean, this means so much to me!” Lance continued. “I mean, she is like family to me, so the fact that we’re, like, blood-related is amazing.”  Lance even claims that when they were very young, he always thought there was a family resemblance.

In other “Lance Bass’ relatives” news, he and Michael are already teaching their newborn twins about Daddy Lance’s musical legacy.  Lance posted a pic of little Alexander and Violet wearing “We’re *NSYNC” onesies, with the caption “They’re tearin’ up my heart.”


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