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Lawful or Awful?

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It’s a brand new segment we started this week. We all enter the KS Courtroom, the defendant’s case is laid out before us and then we leave it in your hands. We let our listeners lay down the law and decide if the actions and evidence presented to us is “lawful” or “awful”. Our very first defendant is of course, our very own Dez. Dez without even realizing accidentally snitched on herself after the show Wednesday. Admitting she recently did something on her vacation that’s causing her to feel guiltier by the day. However, she continues to insist that she’s innocent and what she did is perfectly acceptable. We’re not quite so sure about that though? So like always, when in doubt, we turn to you. Click here to hear for yourself. Is what Dez did “Lawful” or “Awful”? You be the judge!