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Lewis Capaldi's now a two-hit wonder thanks to "very special" success of intensely personal "Before You Go"

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Lewis Capaldi is no longer in danger of being a one-hit wonder, thanks to the top-10 success of his single “Before You Go.”  But he says he finds it “weird” how, this time around, he was able to score a hit on the U.S. charts without physically being in America.

Referring to his #1 hit “Someone You Loved,” Lewis tells ABC News, “We spent so much time in America promoting it and playing shows and meeting people and stuff, and so it’s weird this time ’round — but also very, very special, I guess — that it’s doing as well as it is without me being over there.”

“I mean, people are just connecting to the song…I don’t know if people would’ve connected to ‘Someone You Loved’ as much, had we not been over there doing it,” he adds. “So yes, it’s been nice that people like it.”

The never-serious singer then jokes, “As I say, what’s good for the charts is good for the bank balance, so, always lovely to rake in the cash!”

The success of “Before You Go” is perhaps more impressive, considering its subject.

“It’s about my aunt, who sadly passed away when I was four, she sadly took her own life,” Lewis tells ABC News.  Specifically, the song is about how his mother coped with the loss.

“She initially blamed her sister and then she blamed herself,” he notes. “And then she just kinda had to come to this thing of, like, acceptance.”

Lewis admits he was “nervous” while writing the song, because he didn’t want it to look like he was “exploiting a very touchy subject,” but his worries were unfounded.

He says, “It’s been really nice to see people react in the way they have; it’s been the opposite.”

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By Andrea Dresdale
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