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Hi, Just wanted to share a quick update on some fun things.

We opened Nilly her very own savings account at Wings! Look at this CUTE “piggy bank” they gave her, one side says save and the other says spend.  She’s so excited to save now and I love that!

Nilly Wings
















Does anyone else “Diamond paint”? LOL my husband makes fun of me all the time plus I have to wear readers to see the tiny symbols. When Im in a nursing home I just want to diamond paint and sleep with my dog. Its so relaxing. Im not sure what I could possibly ever do with these when I finish but it’s my new hobby
Diamond art




















If you missed my blog last week it was about my Kitty dog that went to the rainbow bridge. I’ve been trying to reply to all the messages, thank you so much for saying such kind things. I think Zoey the little dog has been hit the hardest, she seems really sad. She’s had Kitty with her the past 13 years. She did NOT like Mason (the big dog) or Rudolph (the cat) until recently she’s warmed up to them a lot. My husband sent me this picture. It makes me sad Kitty isnt in it but theres so much love in this photo too


3 babies






















I have a new episode of “6 Minutes with my 6 Year old” out anywhere you get podcasts. This week we talked about travel and what it’s like to be six and fly on airplanes, go to Vegas, and her advice to other kid travelers. I share some of my tips for flying with children too, a few things that REALLY helped us with Nilly. Here’s my little pro traveler on her way back to MN after Spring Break in Vegas
Nilly travel