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Lil Nas X laughs over Kidz Bop’s watered-down version of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”

Filip Custic @filipcustic1

After “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” shot up to the top of the Billboard charts, it was only a matter of time before Kidz Bop got its hands on the sexually-charged song.  However, Lil Nas X apparently wasn’t expecting just how far the music brand would go to make his X-rated anthem “child friendly.”

The Grammy winner took to Twitter and shared a peek at the super-sanitized lyrics, which read, “I wanna lie on the beach in Hawaii/ I want that jet lag from livin’ and flyin’/ Put a smile on your face whilst we’re dinin’.”

Of course, those who know the song by heart know the actual lyrics are way more explicit.

A further look at the clean edition shows that the brand also shifted the R-rated lyrics “Cocaine and drinking with your friends” to a watered down “Singin’ and dancin’ with your friends.”

Fans had a blast poking fun at the lyrical changes, especially over the inclusion of words like “whilst” and “dining.”

For those who prefer a squeaky-clean version of this year’s top songs, you can pre-order Kidz Bop 2022 for $12 on the brand’s official website.  The album also includes child-friendly versions of “Astronaut in the Ocean,” “Save Your Tears,” “Peaches,” “Mood” and more.

Understandably, Cardi B‘s “Up” and Ariana Grande‘s “34+35” did not make the cut.

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